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  • Improving Your Horse Pastures

    While Virginiaโ€™s glorious spring weather is a joyful time for eager horse owners tired of the winter weather, there are some dangers to be aware of in this seasonโ€™s rapidly-growing green grasses. A fresh spring pasture may look lovely, but it can cause issues with horsesโ€™ digestive systems and metabolism, particularly for horses with other health issues. Untreated spring pastures can be especially problematic for horses with Pituitary Pars Intermedia Disorder (PPID), those that have suffered from laminitis in the past, horses that are resistant to insulin, and even to horses who havenโ€™t been eating grass during the winter, as it can cause them to develop laminitis or colic. Luckily there are some simple fixes to help to ensure that both your land and your horses are as healthy as possible throughout the year! Continue reading

  • Trail Riding in Virginia

    Youโ€™ve bought your perfect horse farm in Virginia, but now want to get away for an afternoon and do some trail riding. Youโ€™re lucky, Virginia is one of the best states to trail ride in due to its natural beauty and number of places to trail ride throughout the state. So, get your gear together, pack a light picnic, stay hydrated, and go out and have some fun! Continue reading

  • Horse Appeal

    With your equine friends in mind, its very important to choose a property that meets their,-and your needs. There are two main factors to consider when selecting the property for you; the land and the facilities. Continue reading

  • Tips on Purchasing a New Horse

      You finally purchased that epic piece of property you have been eyeing for quite some time and now want to add a couple horses you have been wanting since you can remember. You have enjoyed riding in the past but this will be your first time owning your own horse. Continue reading

  • The Equestrian Farm

    Horse Farms go far beyond career farming and can vary largely from a for-profit farm to a hobby farm for horse lovers. With the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the lovely countryside Virginia has to offer, it comes as no surprise that you may be thinking of purchasing a horse farm. Continue reading

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