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  • The Equestrian Farm

    Horse Farms go far beyond career farming and can vary largely from a for-profit farm to a hobby farm for horse lovers. With the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the lovely countryside Virginia has to offer, it comes as no surprise that you may be thinking of purchasing a horse farm. Continue reading

  • Staying Safe While Trail Riding

    Trail riding on horseback has become quite popular over the years, making it a family fun activity for everyone to enjoy. Winter, Spring, Fall or Summer makes horseback riding enjoyable because the weather is usually mild. And what better place Continue reading

  • Purchasing and Owning a Horse Farm: It‘s about more than just the property

    Buying and owning a horse farm can be a lifetime dream for some. When making the decision to purchase a horse farm there are many expenses to consider besides purchasing the property. Such as how much land is needed per horse, fences to build, barns to design if one is not located on property, farmhands to pay if needed, horse feed, vet costs, or true value of the land. Continue reading

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